Election 2 Review

Image for Election 2

As election time nears, current Triad chairman Lok (Simon Yam) faces competition from his godsons.


Comparisons - mostly favourable - to The Godfather are inevitable with Johnny To’s Election 2. Pre-credit archive photographs quickly explain Chinese migration to Hong Kong and the ‘need’ for Triad control, allowing the film to hit the ground running.

Leading up to a Triad election, crime boss Lok (the ever-excellent Simon Yam) plays each of his ‘grandsons’ against each other - the major spanner in the works being Jimmy Lee (Louis Koo) and his plans to “go legit”.

The exposition is perfectly balanced with bloody action and muscular set-pieces.

Bloody action and fine set pieces help to bolster the "Triad Godfather" accolades.