Eight Below Review

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Admidst a storm, a team of three scientists working in Antarctica are forced to leave behind their trusted team of sled dogs. Left to fend for themselves, the dogs make their own way across the continent for six months. Inspired by a true story, this is a reworking of Koreyoshi Kurahara's 1983 film 'Antarctica'.


Based loosely on real events — the 1957 Japanese Antarctic expedition — and technically a remake of Koreyoshi Kurahara’s 1983 film Antarctica, this is the kind of courageous canine adventure that has been a Disney staple for years. Charting the fight for survival of a team of sled dogs reluctantly abandoned in the icy wilderness, it’s a terrific story proficiently, if prosaically, told, mercifully free of the ruthless tear-jerking that was standard operating procedure in Uncle Walt’s day.

The dogs, whose individual personalities shine through without recourse to crass anthropomorphism, are superstars. Inevitably, though, things sag when the narrative cuts back to civilisation and their trainer (Paul Walker) tediously fretting about their plight.

Walker and co. might get a healthy burst of screentime in the middle, but its the team of dogs who steal the show.