Edmond Review

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Edmond is a dissatisfied New York lawyer who, after an ambiguous Tarot reading turns away from his former life and heads into the more shadowy parts of New York life.


The relationship between theatre and film is deceptive — it appears close, but in fact only a small number of plays make great films. Sadly, this adaptation of David Mamet’s searing look at a man’s breakdown isn’t one of them — which is strange, because the script’s episodic structure should suit film better than the stage.

Mamet veteran William H. Macy is on his usual dependable form as the titular schmo turned rebel in a virtual one-man show, but even he can’t shake some pace into the proceedings. He’s not helped by a supporting cast that includes Julia Stiles on school-play form in one pivotal scene, or a jazzy score that lulls the viewer to sleep. Catch it on stage instead if you can.

Whilst William H. Macy is as rewarding as ever, this has not transferred well from the stage.