Edison Review

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A novice journalist uncovers a nest of corrupt cops, and forms a shaky alliance with a jaded reporter and an investigator for a powerful district attorney.


Justin Timberlake has clearly upset a gypsy, because his movies have so far been cursed. Alpha Dog and Southland Tales remain in limbo, while this star-packed thriller stumbled straight to DVD.

Timberlake plays a junior reporter targetting a bent police division in the city of Edison; Morgan Freeman is his boss, Kevin Spacey a government stiff and LL Cool J a guilt-ridden cop. There’s nothing critically wrong with it, but it’s pure genre stuff, with a tired unravel-the-conspiracy throughline — so a lot like the Steven Seagal flicks it’ll be sharing bargain-bin space with.

Rammed full of stars but so cliche as to be completely unremarkable...hence the straight-to-DVD status.