Eden Review

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Hyun-jae (Jamie Chung), an 18 year-old Korean-American, is abducted and forced into sex slavery at the hands of seedy sheriff Beau Bridges. Renamed 'Eden', she sets about finding her way out of the horror.


In 1994, teenager Chong Kim was abducted and plunged into a horrific world of human-trafficking and sex slavery. For nearly two years she was imprisoned, raped, tortured and prostituted. Megan Griffiths’ dramatisation of Chong’s ordeal takes that appalling experience and turns it into a tame, inoffensive Movie Of The Week which, keen to avoid sensationalism, shies away from anything which might upset the casual viewer. The result is a solid, well-acted film sadly bereft of the threat and drama required to truly convey the horror of Chong Kim’s situation.

A frustratingly mild interpretation of a horrific true-life incident.