Eat the Rich Review

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All hell breaks loose in a top class restaurant when Genral Karpov (Dave Beard) and Spider (Lemmy Kilmister) take hostages and all they can eat in an attempt to thwart the Prime Minister-to-be's campaing. Food fight isn't the word.


Reading the cast list of Peter Richardson's latest is like perusing a who's who of up-and-coming British comedy talent. Why then, is the experience of watching it so unfulfilling? Virtually the entire cast of The Young Ones is here, but their anarchy doesn't gel too well with the rest of the wunderkinds all trying to shoulder their way to the front of this film, while French and Saunders are regretfully kept too far apart.

Perhaps the film's lack of political focus is it's main weakness - most of the key protagonists here are used to much sharper jabs at the establishment.

Perhaps the misfiring is to do with the other names (Shane MacGowan of The Pogues, Jools Holland of less bladdered musical background, Sandie Shaw, Bil Wyman, Paul McCartney...yes, Paul McCartney) that crowd the viewframe. Just what the hell is going on? It's hard to tell amid the out-of-control terrorist situation, but there are, at least, a few laughs that escape the carnage, and Comic Strip die-hards will be well pleased with the result.

A shambolic, gravy-spattered mess from start to finish, which is how some like their meals.