The Earthlings Review

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Documentary on avid Star Trek fans who have gone to the extreme of learning Klingon fluently.


If 1997 documentary Trekkies made you in any way uncomfortable, you’ll want to give Earthlings a very wide berth indeed. This series of interviews with people who have learned the Klingon language makes your common or garden Trekkie look positively cool by comparison.

The ‘Klingons’ in question prove surprisingly articulate, however, and director Alexandre O. Philippe does take pains to neither glorify nor ridicule his subject — though Trek veteran Michael Dorn does a fair job of the latter, barely concealing his despair at times. Highlights include a man who spoke to his infant son exclusively in Klingon (and should probably be arrested for it) and some genuinely interesting background from the language’s creator.

Interesting to fans of the show obviously, but also has some moments of fascination for the layperson.