Earth 2 Review

Image for Earth 2

The colonization of "Earth 2" is difficult. Some government forces want to destroy the ship of the colonists. But they manage to escape and arrive in orbit around "Earth 2". There the crew has to face some technical problems and they crash land on the planet. Soon they find out that the Earth like planet is inhabited by intelligent humanoid life forms...


This made-for-TV movie tells of would-be colonists crash-landing on a planet inhabited by some very silly aliens who kidnap the heroine’s (Deborah Farentino) sickly son. The story gets off to a promising start with loads of special effects, hi-tech spaceships and the presence of the underrated Clancy Brown, but the plot just fizzles out into meandering dream sequences and a very unsatisfying ending that even a cute Yoda-like alien with lethal projectile toenails can’t redeem.

Dull TV series spin-off.