Dying to Remember Review

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A New York fashion designer is concerned when she dreams of being pushed down an elevator shaft. After seeing a psychiatrist who tells her that she may be dreaming of a previous life, she decides to tack down her killer. Leading her to San Francisco she eventually tracks down the woman's suspicious husband.


New York fashion designer Melissa Gilbert has a recurring nightmare of falling down an elevator shaft in San Francisco, whereupon a hypnotist suggests she may be dreaming of an abruptly-terminated previous incarnation. In order to rid herself of these disturbing dreams and put her previous life to rest Gilbert travels to San Francisco, tracing the murder back to 1963 and annoys a tycoon who may have been briefly married to the dead woman in his wilder youth. A very bland TV movie, playing weak riffs on Dead Again, with a solution that is never less than obvious.

This trashy thriller was made for TV and it shows. Where some acknowledge their roots, this TV film tried to be so much more only widening it's chances of failing which it does so well. Influenced as much by Hitchcock films as well as Dead Again, this should have been a lot more enjoyable