Dumb and Dumber To Review

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When Harry (Daniels) discovers he has a daughter he didn't know about, he and Lloyd (Carrey), freshly released from 20 years in psychiatric care, head off to find her. Things are swiftly complicated when Lloyd gets hit in the face by Cupid's arrow.


There is a smattering of truly brilliant jokes in the Farrelly Brothers’ tardy sequel, not least the explanation of what Harry (Jeff Daniels) and Lloyd (Jim Carrey) have been up to since last we saw them in 1994. The joys are in the small, silly bits of business, like the way Carrey eats a hot dog, or their interpretation of the word “Asperger’s”. But the big laughs are diluted by baggy pacing and a weirdly complicated plot, which throws into the mix not only multiple MacGuffins but two Rob Riggles. If it turns into a trilogy, may we suggest the title Dumb And Dumber 4?

Overlong and underpopulated with gags that really land, there's still moments of mirth for devotees of the original.