Dum Review

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A police cadet, Uday, intervenes when a policeman attacks his friend Kaveri after she criticises the policeman's manners. Enraged, the police chief makes it his mission to victimise Uday, whatever the cost.


Niwas' third directorial venture doesn't punch as hard as his critically-acclaimed debut, Shool. But with a sharp, power-packed narrative, he manages to strike plenty of universal chords that should help the film cross over to the mainstream.

Playing a fiery youth aspiring to serve his country as a policeman, Oberoi's dreams are constantly thwarted by Kulkarni, who instead uses his uniform to benefit unsavoury politicians and contract killers. Niwas coaxes intense performances from his cast, while clearly demonstrating the harsh realities of Bombay's criminal underworld.

Even more impressive are the gripping action sequences – flashes of brilliance rarely seen in Bollywood – and plentiful moments of pleasure, including a raunchy number featuring model Yana Gupta.

Brimming with romance and violence, while deftly dealing with cultural conformity and a good cop/bad cop plotline, this is a fine alternative to the sometimes sugary Bollywood mainstream