Duel in The Sun Review

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When her father is hanged, the half-Native American Pearl Chavez goes to live with relations in Texas. There, she finds new friends, but hostility from the ranch's owner, the Senator.


In an attempt to recapture the glories of Gone With The Wind, producer David O. Selznick brought spectacle to the Wild West with this tale of a fiery half-breed (Jennifer Jones). Sadly, this doesn't quite live up to the epic scale and Southern sweep of that enduring classic, but it still boasts gorgeous photography and an impressive cast on good form.

Heightened romance and passion make the film – blasted by church leaders as "lust in the dust" – more of a melodrama than an out-and-out Western. Still, it boasts the rare sight of Gregory Peck playing the cad, and landed silent star Lilian Gish an Oscar nomination.

Everything about this film is overlush and over the top, but it looks stunning and offers a feast of high drama.