Duck Season Review

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Mexican teenagers while away the hours of a sunday afternoon in a highrise.


A Mexican comedy in which a couple of teenagers kill time in a high-rise flat on a slow Sunday afternoon doesn't initially sound enticing. But debutant helmer Fernando Eimbcke makes the most of his enclosed space and eager cast to string together a series of droll vignettes that eventually add up to a satisfying and touching story.

He also manages to slip in references to such social problems as broken families, sexual confusion, the country's unreliable utilities and the stagnant job market with a good deal more subtlety than was managed in the over-rated Y Tu Mamá También.

Diego Cataño and Daniel Miranda are breezily natural as the videogaming home-aloners, but it's Enrique Arreola's pizza-delivering loser who provides both the comic highlights and the moments of genuine pathos.

Thanks to crafty writing and some well judged performances, this actually adds up to more than the sum of its parts.