Driven Review

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Bly (Pardue) is a talented rookie racer, slipping down the rankings due to the immense pressure put on him. Desperate to get him back on track, race boss Carl (Reynolds) calls in washed up driver Joe Tanto (Stallone) to get him back on top.


Stallone brings Rocky to the racetrack in the movie that, for one week only, restored his reputation at the top of the US box office charts.

As usual he's the veteran called out of retirement, despite his troubled past, to give a word of advice to Grand Prix rookie, Jimmy Bly (Pardue). If only Bly can hold it together, he'll have the checkered flag and the Formula One championship in the bag. Pity, then, that he's distracted by the former girlfriend of his arch rival (Schweiger, an arrogant, Teutonic Schumacher-type).

There's plenty of racing action, but it's almost as over the top as the cast's attempts to look serious when handling the nonsensical dialogue and cliché-ridden plot.

Subtlety has never been director Harlin's middle name, so forget the ridiculous dramas and concentrate on the high-octane race scenes in this new Sly film