Drive Me Crazy Review

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Nicole is a popular high schooler who is devastated when her dream guy invites someone else to prom. Desperate, she turns to her grungy next-door neighbour (who also wants to make his ex jealous) and sets about making him over into a man she can be seen with. Guess what happens next?


At some point a man has to take a stand. A woman can take one as well, obviously, but it's rather less likely to happen over a dull as dishwater teen romcom. But, if there's one thing guaranteed to drive grown men and women completely gaga, it's this lukewarm rehash of Dawson's Creek leftovers.

Kind of She's All I Hate About You, this time the will-they-won't-they? couple are television's very own teenage witch, Melissa Joan Hart (the charisma of Jennifer Love Hewitt and the comic timing of Neve Campbell rolled into one dismal package) and newcomer Adrian Grenier.

Taken as a unique, never to be repeated atrocity, this no wit, no charm affair would be bad enough, but following an endless cycle of similar fluff, this is absolutely line in the sand time: no more.