Dreamscape Review

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A government project uses psychics to enter peoples' dreams - but when a man dies of a heart attack in his sleep, psychic Alex begins to suspect that the project may be prone to misuse…


So indelibly '80s - Kate Capshaw goes bouffant and Dennis Quaid cuts a dash in a pink V-neck - as to be laughable, this neat blend of sci-fi, horror and thriller is still great fun. Quaid is a psychic, drafted in by a good scientist/bad politician combo (Max von Sydow/Christopher Plummer) to enter the dreams of others for entirely different purposes.

At once sexy, funny and genuinely scary, and while there's some stop-motion which must have had Ray Harryhausen squirming, there is Cheers' George Wendt trying to be all cloak-and-dagger - and that's always worth a laugh.

The sometimes dark sci-fi thriller tone is punctured nicely by Quaid's one-liners, and Capshaw is on good form. Very, very '80s, but lots of fun too.