Dragonfly Review

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A faithless cynic, Joe Darrow is distraught after his doctor wife dies in an accident. However, creepy goings-on at home and spooky messages relayed by his wife's former paediatric patients slowly convince him that somebody is trying to contact him from beyond...


Thirteen Days proved that Kevin Costner can still command the screen even in a supporting role. Sadly, his appetite for a star vehicle – like in the good ol' days – has led him several steps backwards to this dog-eared material which must have been first passed over by every leading man du jour.

The concept-heavy script (man without faith loses wife suddenly, starts to hear spooky noises, goes a little bonkers in the process) does manage to scrape up a few (very few) scares along the way. But any creeping terror you might feel is not related to any of the minor thrills – you just know this whole mawkish affair is headed in exactly the wrong direction, perhaps because Ace Ventura's Tom Shadyac is in the helmer's chair. And, boy, does the final reel stink.

Dismal fare that does its star - and the audience - a major disservice.