Dragonball Evolution Review

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Based on the cult '90s cartoon series, Dragon Ball Z tells of Goku, a young warrior sworn to protect the universe from those who wish to harness the power of the mystical Dragonballs and take over the world.


It’s never a good idea to make a bland movie version of a franchise which has a) a fanatically loyal following who’ll spill blood if a character’s hair colour changes, and b) no mainstream crossover potential. Based on a Japanese comic and a long-running TV ’toon, Dragonball Evolution is about a clutch of good and bad characters — James Marsters’ baddie is hilariously called Lord Piccolo — looking for magic plot tokens which will bring about either an end of the world or the film.

Justin Chatwin is the Ralph Macchio knock-off hero, with pals including a hapless Chow-Yun Fat. Okay kung fu and one decent twist don’t help.

A few decent fighty scenes and a twist do not, a movie, make.