Draft Day Review

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Under pressure from all sides, Cleveland Browns general manager Sonny Weaver (Costner) arrives at draft day needing a miracle recruit for his franchise. Did has his impulsive decision not to sign a star recruit actually ended up sinking him altogether?


Kind of Transfer Deadline Day: The Movie, this watchably slight sports drama finds the manager of mid-level football team the Cleveland Browns taking risky chances to land the wisest picks of the college draft while his personal life collapses around him. So it’s Moneyball directed by Ivan Reitman, light on its toes, but missing the bite and smarts of that Aaron Sorkin-infused cracker. Then again, it is also An American Sports Movie With Kevin Costner, so added points for the eternally lovable Costnerisms of Sonny Weaver Jr., Crash Davis hemmed in a suit.

The drama holds the attention throughout, even if the script never quite crackles as it might.