Dracula Rising Review

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Having launched Francis Coppola's career, producer Roger Corman is entitled to hop on the Dracula bandwagon with this Euro-shot quickie, though director Fred Gallo is not one of Corman's major finds.

In Romania to restore a portrait of Vlad the Impaler, Stacy Travis flashes back to an earlier life where she fell for Vlad's monk son (Christopher Atkins) and got burned for witchcraft, prompting her lover to accept the family curse. Atkins tries to get it right this time round but another vampire ex-monk causes trouble.

Despite an unusual Dracula (a masked barbarian rather than a suave Devil), this suffers from bland prettyboy Atkins and feeble jokes but Travis is a winning heroine. The climactic magic duel harks back to Corman's The Raven before doing a bat attack stunt from Hammer's Kiss Of The Vampire, nothing different overall but spasmodically intriguing.