Double Impact Review

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Jean Claude Van Damme play the twin brothers who team up here, after 25 years of separation, to hunt down the bad ass guys who murdered their dad when they were just kids.


One of the Van Dammes is goofy, sweet, and innocent. We know this because he gets to make love to the blonde while nice music swims around them. The other Van Damme is a product of the streets. We know this because he smokes cigars and has a nasty slicked-back hairdo that would do Steven Seagal proud. Undertaken by Van Damme in a vain attempt to show he can do more than kick people very hard in the head, this does have the odd moment of promise, most notably when Van Damme The First has a karate battle with Van Damme The Second, showing off some of the most masterful trick editing in the movies since Jeremy Irons danced with Jeremy Irons in Dead Ringers. Ultimately, though, Van Damme's doubling up merely tends to make this movie, co-written and co-produced by the self-styled Muscles From Brussels, twice as avoidable as it would otherwise be.

There's twice as much of Van Damme's nonsensically broken English, even though one of the brothers is sup­posed to have lived in America all his life, and twice the sheer predictability to the plot. Still, the Van Damme video market should at least ensure