Doppelganger Review

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Young heiress Holly moves from New York to LA after she is implicated in her mother's murder. In LA she rents a room from a writer Patrick, with whom she commences an affair, but it soon transpires that her evil doppelganger has followed her from New York, and after a series of strange events, Patrick is unsure whether he is having an affair with Holly or her alter ego.


Drew Barrymore stars with her real-life mother Jaid Barrymore in this ultimately risible but moderately entertaining supernatural thriller in which the former wild child stars as a young heiress tormented by a doppelganger who flees to California following the death of her mother in their New York apartment and teams up with a struggling horror movie screenwriter with the obligatory bloody results.

Drew fans may appreciate the length of her shower scene but, once the doppelganger's identity has been blown, the film takes off on a squelchy tangent with a special effects laden climax that will have you choking back the laughter and wondering what the hell was that all about?

Although entertaining at the beginning, as the plot develops and the special effects come in to play it becomes harder to take this film seriously.