Dolphin Tale 2 Review

Image for Dolphin Tale 2

Clearwater Aquarium's favourite flippery inhabitant Winter is joined by Mandy, a new dolphin companion rescued from certain death. The pair are nurtured by Winter's rescuer Sawyer Nelson (Gamble), as aquarium boss (Connick Jr.) toils over issues of animal welfare.


Winter the dolphin is back! This may mean little if you’re not a fan of the first film, but rest assured, this rescue dolphin with a prosthetic tail is a big deal in the world of family movies. This sequel follows Winter’s real-life progress at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium as fictional biologist Harry Connick Jr. searches for her new companion, with the help of the equally fictional kids from the first film, now awkwardly flirting teens. It’s a little aimless, but the teenage dramas play out well alongside a more melodramatic approach to the commotion around the now-famous dolphins.

A little long and rambling but it'll cheer up anyone still recovering from The Cove.