Dog Eat Dog Review

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Four wannabe London DJs face try to handle their finances and troubled love lives, but land in trouble when they turn to slightly criminal activities to sort themselves out.


After their big box office successes with Billy Elliot and Kevin And Perry Go Large, UK production company Tiger Aspect came up with The Martins and Dog Eat Dog, the debut feature from director Shoaibi. But it seems their comedy goose has flown and its golden egg is starting to smell.

For the first half an hour, Dog Eat Dog can't make up its mind about anything – tone, plot, genre – and it jumps around from character to character in utter confusion. Is it about wannabe DJs? Or scammers caught up with porn tapes? Or boys facing troubled love relationships?

It tries them all; and our patience. The four main actors prove their worth when they're finally allowed to play off each other. But overall, the laughs are nonexistent and not even a succession of B-list cameos (Alan Davies, Gary Kemp, Melanie Blatt) can ease the boredom.

Yet another 'madcap' London comedy, yet another film that fails miserably to measure up to Lock, Stock…