Doctor Who: The Green Death Review

Image for Doctor Who: The Green Death

The Doctor, Jo and the Brigadier must find out why a miner died mysteriously in a disused Welsh mining pit. When they take a dangerous expedition down the mine, they discover that it is teeming with monstrous maggots…


One of those Doctor Who stories that everyone over 35 knows about (the one with the giant maggots), The Green Death is a solid example of Jon Pertwee's tenure as the Time Lord, during what many consider to be the series' Golden Age.

Called out to a Welsh mining town plagued by mysterious deaths, the Doctor discovers toxic waste, a world domination plot and monster larvae. Not to mention brainwashing and a megalomaniacal computer. While the maggots look like the inflated condoms they are and there are some appalling bluescreen scenes, the story's solid, with Pertwee at his regal best.

As always with Who, the effects have dated considerably - but there are good performances, a solid script and a very poignant ending that make this effort stand out from the rest.