Djomeh Review

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Djomeh is a young Afghan man, sent to Iran following family trouble. He works as a milkboy, but is scorned by villagers for his foreign roots and disdained by his guardian. The only person who is kind to him is his employer, and he asks her for help in wooing a young woman in the village.


Djomeh, a young Afghan exile working as a milk boy in Iran, left his war-ravaged homeland after falling for the wrong woman. Baffled by the subtle cultural differences between the two countries, he stumbles through his routine life, enduring contempt from Iranian villagers and disdain from his Afghan co-worker. So when he falls for the local grocer's daughter and dreams of marriage, he asks his boss to put in a good word.

Djomeh shared the Camera D'Or prize at Cannes 2000, but the static camera that captures occasional beauty in the barren landscapes is perhaps the least interesting thing about Yektapanah's directorial debut.

Though director Yektapanah clearly has political points to make, they come cloaked in an impressive and humane character study. Nazari's performance in the title role, a romantic naïf made a fool by love, is irresistible.