Divided By Hate Review

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When Carol Gibbs becomes involved with religious- and political-cult leader Steve Riordan's anti-government movement, she takes her children and leaves her husband Louis. Louis, a young farmer, tries every legal and governmental means to get his children back, without success. At his wit's end, he hires private investigator Danny Leland to snatch his children from the cult.


Another "based on a true story" TV movie, spotlighting this year's American paranoid nightmare — the hate-filled, far-right, Bible-bashing neo-Nazi cult. The ever-reliable Tom Skerritt, who also directs, is the corn belt loony, and Dylan Walsh the troubled husband out to get his wife and children back.

All do a solid job in convincing the audience of what is right and wrong, but it doesn't seem to have the heart of other racial examinations. Emotive issues, flat scripting, solid acting and a fundamental lack of much in the way of excitement gives the audience an mixed bag of wanting to care but never really getting immersed in the on screen action.

Keenly directed but the story is too simple and lacks energy.