The Divide Review

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A group of survivors take shelter in the aftermath of a nuclear attack. Soon, as the toll starts to tell and supplies dwindle, they begin to turn on each other with increasing brutality.


From the director of infamous French torture porn Frontier(s) comes an almost comically nasty post-apocalyptic horror, which opens with the nuclear destruction of New York and becomes progressively more horrible, like a bitter retort to what Brian Aldiss called the ‘cosy catastrophes’ of Wyndham and Wells. Having faced Terminators and Aliens, you’d think Michael Biehn would be useful at the end of the world, but his character proves powerless as the other survivors (including Hostel: Part II’s Lauren German, and Rosanna Arquette in full fruitcake mode) turn on each other with increasing brutality. It’s a grisly spectacle, directed with a sadistic rigor, slathered with sub-Sigur Rós music which proves as wearying as The Divide’s utter lack of faith in humanity. If you hate the world and everyone in it (especially women), this may be the film for you.

Nasty, unrelenting and likely to make your hair fall out.