A Dirty Shame Review

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Local prude Sylvia Stickles receives a nasty bump on her head, only to be rescued by Ray-Ray, a sexual healer, who not only saves her life, but awakens a dormant, gargantuan lust.


John Waters' idiosyncratic mirth hasn't come this scatological since he made Divine eat dog poo in Pink Flamingos. Sexual healer Ray-Ray (Knoxville) lays hands on Ullman's repressed mousewife Sylvia, transforming her into one of his nympho apostles to combat a 'Decency Campaign' as pervos assimilate a drab Baltimore suburb and Blair's exhibitionist stripper Ursula Udders (arrested for "nude loitering") bounces around in humungous inflatable boobs.

Waters veterans Mink Stole and Patty Hearst are also on hand, which alone should indicate the tone. This is absolutely, ludicrously, appallingly crude, but on the modest plus-side has some vintage Waters hilarity - gotta love the tragic maypole incident - and David 'Knows No Shame' Hasselhoff as himself (yes, again!). With this, Dodgeball and The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, he's fast becoming the Christ of Kitsch.

Arguably it's good to know someone is still championing filth and deviance in Bush's 'Amerika', but take a sick bag along.