The Dirties Review

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Two high-schoolers, Matt (Johnson) and Owen (Williams), decide to get back at their classroom tormentors by making a film lampooning them. But their ideas of a suitable revenge on the so-called Dirties soon diverge dramatically.


A faux-student film about students making a film, turning life into a film... These ‘meta’ aspects and a likable central male friendship make this baggy, indigestible, wobbly-pic effort interesting. Two nerdy boy filmmakers (real debut director Matt Johnson, Owen Williams) make a shoot-’em-up opus when they’re not being punched by their high-school classmates. Eventually, one of the pair has disturbing visions of where to take the film. At times the self-reflexivity is gratingly indulgent, the action can meander, and the ending (though it could be worse) hardly satisfies. But ultimately, the underlying reality and humanity save the film.

Like Chronicle, it's a fresh spin on the high-school flick. Unlike Chronicle, its execution never quite matches its ideas.