The Dinosaur Project Review

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When a group of Western explorers ventures into the African jungle by helicopter, they're on the receiving end of aggressive pterodactyls and left amidst a colony of dinosaurs on the jungle floor. To complicate matters, there's a traitor in their midst.


This Brit novelty is pitched as “Jurassic Park meets Cloverfield”, which sounds great until you see it. Spurred by sightings of Mokèlé-mbèmbé, “Africa’s Nessie”, Richard Dillane’s grouchy cryptozoologist and his stowaway son (Matt Kane) head to the Congo. A monster-fodder cast then headless-chicken their way through a set menu of scream-and-run scenarios. Found-footage requires authenticity to work, but with its broad performances, direlogue and cartoony FX, this just flagrantly flouts the rules. It might be aimed at kids, but even pea-sized brains will wonder who carries on filming while they’re drowning. Pturkeydactyl.

More Terra Nova meets Sanctum 3D than Jurassic Park meets Cloverfield.

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