Die Watching Review

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Having accidentally witnessed his mother murder his womanising father before killing herself, Michael understandably has issues. However, he takes it to the extreme of filming pornos with surgically enhanced women then killing them afterwards. It's not long before the police start to ask questions.


Peeping Tom for the sex lies and videotape generation. Goofy loner Christopher Atkins, unhinged because he accidentally videotaped his mother's murder of his unfaithful father and her subsequent suicide, makes amateur porno videos, occasionally livening things up by suffocating silicone cases on camera during their aerobic work-outs.

The nice but dim artist who lives next door shows astoundingly poor character judgment by falling in love with him, but cop Tim Thomerson has vowed to bring in the killer. Tame and ridiculous, with a few cynical jokes lost amid the TV formula stalking. This really isn't worth your time.

With not enough menace, action and depth the film fails to thrill, let alone entertain. The acting is laughable, with you feeling little empathy for any of the characters and wish the policeman was a little quicker-witted so he could bring down the killer and the whole sorry mess would end.