Devil Review

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When five office workers find themselves stuck in a lift it quickly becomes apparent that one of them has very evil intent.


Five people are trapped in a lift. A security guard – who can see but not hear what’s going on in the cage – tries to convince the cop on the case (Chris Messina) that one of the passengers is the Devil, taking human form to harvest sinners. The lights go out, and a sleazy salesman is murdered. An intimate disaster movie with a Satanic twist, this is also an extra-claustrophobic take on Agatha Christie’s And The There Were None as confined suspects are whittled down by the killer among them. M. Night Shyamalan’s script harps on his spiritual concerns, and betrays his tendency to put contrived down to divine (or infernal) intervention, but John Erick Dowdle (Quarantine) directs with B-picture efficiency. It’s a horror comic sketch, with cartoonish characters and a few unwanted laughs, but a fun, suspenseful watch.

While the script throws a few spiritual contrivances our way, it's a fun and tense watch and a promising start for the 'Shyamalan Presents' marque.