She Devil Review

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Ruth (Barr) does her best to please her husband but can hardly compete when a slim, beautiful, successful authoress takes him to live in her garish palace. Understandably, Ruth goes bananas, and devises a check-list plan for revenge as though she's nipping out to the supermarket for groceries, and systematically destroys everything important in his life.


Dumped and dumpy Roseanne Barr tries to get her own back on estranged husband Ed Begley Jnr. and his new wife, romance novelist Meryl Streep, in this unbalanced and trite rendition of Fay Weldon's novel.

Barr, strait-jacketed by a drab role, makes a shaky TV-to-film transition, while Streep does comparatively well as the comic stooge. Faintly distasteful rather than bitingly satirical.

An all-star lineup with some kookie moments, but a bit limp overall.

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