John Boyega Faces Racism In The New Detroit Trailer

We've already had an initial look at Kathryn Bigelow's new based-on reality drama Detroit with the release of the first trailer in April. Here comes the second, which digs more into the story of motel security guard Dismukes, played by John Boyega.

In the warm summer heat of 1967, the city of Detroit is on fire. A police raid has sparked a massive citizen uprising, and tensions are running higher than ever.

While the riots continue, several people take shelter in a motel, but when a joke with a starter pistol catches the armed attention of local military and police, the stage is set for a potentially lethal confrontation. Part of the fallout from that is Dismukes being hauled in for questioning, mostly, it appears, because he's black and carries a pistol as part of his job.

The film finds Bigelow (and regular writing collaborator Mark Boal) returning to the mix of drama and historical events that has served her well in the past (particularly in the likes of Zero Dark Thirty) and she has a cast that includes Anthony Mackie, Tyler James Williams, Jason Mitchell, Jacob Latimore, Malcom David Kelly, John Krasinski and Will Poulter.

Detroit is scheduled to be released on 4 August in the States and 25 August here.