Desperately Seeking Susan Review

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Roberta is a bored housewife who follows the antics of a couple who communicate through the personal ads. One day she follows the girl, Susan, buying a jacket that she's sold, and unwittingly finds herself in trouble with some people after her new purchase.


One of the most underrated films of the '80s, this is as fresh, quirky and downright romantic as it was back when Madonna hadn't even become Mrs. Penn yet. A whimsical but optimistic tale of mistaken identity, it starred the Material Girl as the cheekily irresistible Susan, and turned Rosanna Arquette (repressed housewife Roberta) into a star.

A case of mistaken identity and secondhand clothing sets the film off on a helter-skelter chase, which keeps the pace and energy lively. With great support from Laurie Metcalf and Aidan Quinn, this is a must for daydreamers everywhere.

A fine slice of '80s nostalgia - even for people who weren't there first time around.