Depeche Mode 101 Review

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Depeche Mode prepare for the 101st and final concert in their massive 1988 US tour, at the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena. Meanwhile, a group of fans travel to the gig.


Veteran documentary-maker D. A. Pennebaker takes an abstract slant to chart the final leg of Depeche Mode's momentous 1988 tour of America, culminating in gig number 101 at the Pasadena Rose Bowl.

Using a collusion of frenetic vérité images and soundbites, he parallels the twin odysseys of the top-heavy tour and a gaggle of dippy New Romantics on their trail. Nostalgic '80s trimmings aside, it's overlong and persistently vague, but there's a chilling resonance in moody singer Dave Gahan's baby-faced smiles, given he was already on the road to heroin addiction and near-death.

Probably only one for fans of the group.