Demons Never Die Review

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When a friend kills herself, Archie (Sheehan) and his friends, the 'Suicide Kids', form a pact to follow suite. Soon though a mysterious figure starts knocking them off and they find themselves facing a struggle to survive.


A group of teenagers form a suicide pact. When most of them have second thoughts, a masked man with a big knife starts to kill them. With a strong cast of TV/Noel Clarke grads (plus a cameo from X Factor’s Tulisa) and a decent premise, writer-director Arjun Rose’s debut feature promises much, but stumbles because its stalk-and-slash sequences are too ordinary and the plot hook/mystery isn’t developed particularly well. It’s a rare horror where yoof drama about troubled kids finding reasons to live or die is more engaging than the scenes in which the characters get killed. Towards the end, it slips into that infuriating my-friends-are-being-killed-but-I’ll-just-walk-through-these-dark-woods-and-hope-no-one-cuts-my-throat business.

Interesting when the kids are debating whether or not they really want to die and boasting a very decent cast. Surprisingly, the actual 'horror' part is the let-down.