Delivery Man Review

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When a feckless blue-collar guy David Wozniak (Vaughn) decides to donate sperm, he gets a lot more than he bargained for out of it: more than 500 offspring. When a large group form a class-action suit to find out their parentage, the ramifications come home to haunt him.


Though he is now aged 43, Vince Vaughn has spent years playing men who are spiritually 21: professionally inept and committed only to their best friend. This is a film in which that premise actually works, because it is treated as a negative to be overcome. A remake of his own movie Starbuck, Ken Scott casts Vaughn as a debt-ridden meat-truck driver who discovers an enthusiastic period of sperm donation has made him the father of over 500 kids, and they want to know who he is. A few tonal oddities aside, the comedy and emotion are kept in balance. Chris Pratt steals it as the best friend.

Surprisingly watchable, at least by recent Vince Vaughn standards, with Chris Pratt stealing the show as the hilariously gormless lawyer.