Deliver Us from Evil Review

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On prom night in 1957, local priest Father Jonas kills a young couple entwined in the backseat of a car, believing them to be sinners. He is drugged and locked underneath the local church for 30 years until a young priest unwittingly releases him, also on prom night. He heads to an abandoned house where four teenagers are planning to get drunk and have sex.


Made as Prom Night IV, this has been retitled because, with the exception of being set in the same school, it has nothing to do with the earlier films in the Canadian slasher series. Kept in a chemically induced coma since a 50s murder rampage, a demon-possessed priest wakes and sets out on prom night (surprise) to menace and murder sinful teens who have retreated to an isolated old house for booze and bonking.

Despite its unusual Catholic undertone (much talk of confession and sin) and better-than-average teenagers (especially Bridget Fonda lookalike Joy Tanner as the cheerful slut), this relies too heavily on predictable death-by-death plot developments, and a pony-tailed mad-eyed male model in a dog collar hardly makes the most threatening of movie maniacs

Despite an above average cast and interesting use of the Catholic angle, this film just isn't quite scary enough for hardcore horror fans.