Delicacy Review

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When business executive Nathalie's (Tautou) husband of three years dies, she is overcome with grief. Burying herself in work seems the only way through the darkness. Then her Swedish colleague, Markus (Damiens), makes tentative advances and a shy thought of romance again crosses her mind...


Audrey Tautou is typically charming in this quirky French comedy about second-chance love. She’s Nathalie, a spirited young woman with a handsome new husband. When he’s killed, Nathalie retreats into her shell and buries herself in her work — until an unlikely co-worker, a Swede called Markus, dares to dream that he might have a chance with his beautiful boss. Most of the time, the narrative feels unclear. Should Nathalie settle for someone she’s not instantly attracted to? How much do we care? But the journey’s amusing enough: François Damiens is terrific as the kindly, lumbering Swede whose ordinary looks and unassuming demeanour render him virtually invisible to those around him. In short, if you like cute French films starring Audrey Tautou, you’ll be well served.

The storytelling is a little muddled but Tautou brings all her elfine charm to bear. The real revelation, though, is François Damiens, who steals the show as her unlikely love interest.