In Too Deep Review

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Cincinatti cop Jeff Cole (Epps) volunteers for undercover duty, and finds himself getting far too close to a local druglord who calls himself God (LL Cool J), dancer girlfriend (Long) is disturbed by how far Jeff gets into his role as a street-level hood with ambitions.


In the long tradition of will-he-won't-he be tempted to cross over to the dark side undercover cop movies like Deep Cover and Britain's own I.D., In Too Deep doesn't really make the grade because, unlike Jeff's girlfriend, we're never in any doubt as to which side he is going to come out on.

Despite the script (a sizeable weakness), Epps makes a good fist of the performance. Cool J, usually wasted as a comic relief character, isn't bad in the role of a Capone wannabe who charms and tortures with the same smile, but he makes Epps play uptight-straight-man to the detriment of any Donnie Brasco interest the film might be planning. The worst offence committed is a waste of talents in casting powerhouse players Tucci and Grier in stereotype 'other cop' roles.

This cover story would have been ratted-out after a single meet.