Deconstructing Sarah (1994 Review

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Thriller about an advertising executive (Kelley) who leads a double life, looking for men in dive bars at night. However, when she goes missing, it causes her best friend (Ticotin) to turn detective and infiltrate the seedy underworld to discover what happened.


“It’s brilliant. You’ve made a piece of metal seem sensual.” That one inane line is the highlight of this uninspired and thoroughly uninvolving drama. Sarah (LA Law’s Shelia Kelley) is an ad exec by day, swinging single by night, who hooks up with the wrong guy in the shape of Kenny (LA Law’s A. Martinez). When Sarah disappears, her best friend Rachel Ticotin starts to uncover the dirt in a story that never really gets going because basically it has nowhere to go.

Don't be fooled by the quasi philosophical title - this is gash.