Deck The Halls Review

Image for Deck The Halls

Steve Finch (Broderick) is 'the Christmas guy' in his small Vermont town. When he gets a new neighbour in Buddy Hall (De Vito), things soon change. Buddy can sell snow to Eskimos, and his latest dream is to get enough Christmas lights on his house to be visible from Space.


There are a select few Christmas movies that are really, really good. Deck The Halls is not one of them. It’s a hollow exercise, full of poorly motivated characters hanging from a clichéd story (neighbours become rivals after trying to ‘out-Christmas’ each other). It leaves you with the feeling that someone has come in and re-written it, without quite finishing the job.

Why is Buddy (Danny DeVito) dissatisfied with his job? The answer to that might have made things interesting. Instead we get something so innocuous it’s irritating. It wouldn’t be so bad if the jokes and the set-pieces were funny; as it is, they’re weak and sluggish. Bah, and indeed, humbug.

Got any kids who've been naughty this year? Here's their present. Deck The Halls isn't funny or moving. It is a waste of some talented actors, but that's about it.