Deception Review

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A mild-mannered accountant gets in over his head when he befriends a flash lawyer and joins a sex club.


The kick here is seeing Ewan McGregor and Hugh Jackman off their usual turf in an unexceptional erotic thriller of the type Shannon Tweed made two dozen of in the 1990s.

Weaselly loser accountant McGregor is befriended by slick lawyer Hugh Jackman, and – thanks to a mix-up with mobile phones – finds himself in an executive speed-dating club, enjoying anonymous sex in high-class hotel rooms with the foxy likes of Natasha Henstridge, Charlotte Rampling and Michelle Williams. Naturally, he also gets bashed on the head, framed for murder and forced to funnel funds from a client’s accounts to a bank in Spain.

The male stars, who seem almost on the point of snogging several times, enjoy change of pace roles, but you can tell from the title exactly what’s going to happen.

Mildly titillating, but not very good.