Death Warrant Review

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Louis Burke is a Canadian policeman assigned to a prison to investigate in murders of prisoners and jailors. Using his outstanding skill in martial arts, Loius earns the respect of the prison underworld and helped, by two cons he embarks on a mission to find out the truth.


Jean Claude, again, faces his biggest challenge yet and as usual there are tough guys a-plenty ready, willing and able to incurr his wrath. The ironically named Burke beats unruly prisoners to a pulp beat up every few minutes in a huge array of crunching fight sequences as he seeks to uncover the truth behind a series of brutal prison murders. All of the narrative mainstays of a JCVD film are present by his outside contact, a pretty girl posing as his wife on visiting days, the deadly enemy from his past and not least the powerhouse of a finale in which the main villain jumps back out of a furnace to continue the fight. Cool! A must-see for fans of the genre fans and a good deal of exciting fun for non-fans.

Utterly mindless, but on its own snap, bang, and wallop terms, it works well enough.