Death Sentence Review

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A father goes on an angry mission of revenge after his family are attacked as part of a gang initiation crime.


Something Tarantino forgot about grindhouse efforts is that quickie imitations of sensationalist mainstream pictures sometimes beat originals to the market. With Jodie Foster’s update of Death Wish (The Brave One) on the way, here’s a vigilante pot-boiler based on a novel written as a sequel to Death Wish.

Family man Kevin Bacon is upset when his hockey star son is killed during a gang initiation and appalled the murderer will only have sit on the naughty step. He kills the killer himself, declaring a war of mutual destruction on a gang of psycho nutters.

It’s the kind of film where the cops don’t care about the slaughter of rich white folks, but get worked up about the scumbag killings. James Wan (Saw) stages one super foot-chase but lets silliness take over as Bacon goes Bickle.

Standard revenge story with little to make it stand out from the crowd.