Her Deadly Rival Review

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Jim and Kris Lansford are a happily married couple when Jim takes a new job that requires him to move. In the brief time he and his wife are apart during the transition, Jim attracts the attention of a mysterious woman who begins calling and sending him gifts.


Another likely story, based on "true" events, with a twist ending that can be predicted from a scan of the sleeve copy. Happily-married hunk Harry Hamlin ( from TV's LA Law)moves to a new job and is suddenly persecuted by phone calls and gifts from a mystery woman.

This continues until wifey Annie Potts finds out, of course she refuses to believe he's not having an affair and from then on starts acting like a jealous maniac, but is this exactly what the mystery woman wants? Of course it is.

The based on true events slant is a bit worrying as had this actually happened (wait for the ending) make no mistake it would have made front page headlines all over the world

A TV movie that plays like a soap opera subplot compressed into an hour-and-a-half.