Dead Man Running Review

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Nick owes a lot of money to a very violent man, who is threatening his family if he doesn't pay it back. He drags his mate into a series of schemes to drum up the cash.


Diamond if dodgy geezer Nick (Tamer Hassan) has 24 hours to pay back the £100,000 he owes a Yank Shylock (Curtis Jackson) or else a nasty bloke (Phil Davis) will empty a shotgun into Nick’s mum (Brenda Blethyn). Will Nick, aided by old china Bing (Danny Dyer), scrape up the cash via bare-knuckle boxing, contract killing and greyhound nobbling and save the old dear?

This shaggy dog gangland story feels like a straggler from the batch of forgettable Lock, Stock imitators greenlit a decade ago. It has a quality cast, but we’ve run round this track too many times, while the script jogs from scene to scene without any surprises.

Nothing remarkable or noteworthy about this Brit gangster-by-numbers effort except the cast.