Daydream Believer Review

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Nell is a horse-lover who's so obsessed with fillies that she imagines she is one when she's stressed out. She meets shady polo player after backing into his car.


Wholesome teenager Nell (Miranda Otto) has more than a few problems : she’s a fairly hopeless, but nonetheless hopeful actress/singer ; a dreadful driver; and is receiving psychiatric treatment for an embarassing personal problem; she’s so besotted with horses that in times of stress she imagines she is one.

Enter Martin Kemp as Digby — a polo-playing, slightly shady showbiz impressario and stud farmer — as Nell fails an audition for an under-invested show he’s producing, then backs into his very expensive car. What follows isn’t entirely obvious (thanks largely to a couple of ludicrous sub-plots involving her working at a hen night strip club and a misplaced jar of horse semen) but plot predictability is equalled only monotoned perfomances, a cringe-worthy script and flat direction.

Perhaps most dreadful of all though is the physical manifestation of Nell’s horse phases — a Monty Pythonesque cantering and head-shaking whinnying — meaning the central joke of this apparent comedy expects an audience to laugh at what they’ve set up as mental illness.

Daydream Believer never really had a chance.